Radical Healing and Freedom of Movement — Using the Internet to Document A Story of Hope, Perseverance, Fortitude and Trust

Radical healing is the audaciously conscious decision to focus on joy. This has been my journey…

In August of 2010, I decided I would choose myself. It was the most difficult, most painful, and absolute best decision I have ever made. When you start over again having to rebuild from scratch, every single misstep is yours alone. Every slip, wrong turn, and imperfection. Every single failure belongs to you. And then? Dawn comes. You see exactly what it is you have grown into, having learned to appreciate every single moment. And the future is…well…better. The way forward is a peace and calm I never could have imagined. Or fictionalized. It is profoundly and immensely solitary. And from that vantage point I have something to say.

All I can talk about is my own experience. For every single person the walk is different. What I know for sure, though, is that there is enough to go around when success belongs to us all. Another world is possible, and I want to talk about how I got here. It is not all bliss, but it also isn’t fire and brimstone.

As a writer who sees the internet differently because of a formal background in books and publishing, my digital footprint via the various requisite social media outlets developed over time in the slower moving, sustainable nature of an organic thought process, resulting in timelines that house narratives that speak for themselves in answering the question, “Who is Deborah Cowell?”

The revolution I focus on most of all is the one happening within myself.